Our Institute

Welcome to the “Power System Training Institute”. We are devoted to providing the highest quality training on Electrical Power System.

Our courses are designed for a wide range of audiences, from Experience Professionals working in Industries or Utilities, Graduate Trainees or Engineering Students.

In addition to our expert trainers, we are equipped with powerful simulation tools & equipment. Our Trainer will give theoretical as well as practical training which will be facilitating Electrical Engineers to work in field. Our main aim is to developing the essential technical skills that Engineers need to deliver in their respective job profession. It also increase awareness about the fundamentals and the way actual field work shall be done.

As an Industry Experts we have better understanding for the need of the Industries, which enable us to develop training contents are time efficient, cost effective and shall have immediate impact on results.

Our Institute Candidates can directly start work in the field as experience engineers after completion of desire trainings. Trainings modules are designed in such a way candidates can select the course modules based on their interest and field applications.

Our Trainers are experience engineers and working in the power system field for more than 10 years and from a reputed organizations.

Why Engineering Student?

Generally Electrical Engineers obtain a basic graduate or postgraduate degree from Engineering institution and join to any Industry or Public sector organizations. Engineers can gain very basic, fundamental & theoretical knowledge from Text books.

Practical aspects are not fully concentrated in any Academics Institutions. Even Engineers are not aware of latest technology updates & practices followed and after they join any industry it seems they are not at all aware about the concepts, products & technology prevailing in the markets.

We fill the gap between Theoretical knowledge of the Text book and practical knowledge & latest Technology trends in the market. Thus Engineer will be ready to join the industry with practical knowledge confidence.

Proposed training course is targeted to develop expertise, improve quality levels and application of latest technology in the field of power system for Electrical Engineers.